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Distribution Centers

This section is for churches outside of North America,

Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

If your church would be interested in taking the responsibility of distributing courses for the Good News Bible Study Ministry to individuals in your area and securing their answer sheets and returning them electronically to us either by fax or email, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.  To qualify, your church must:

  • be committed to the Bible as the final authority for all of life

  • be committed to a Gospel of salvation by grace alone and not of works

  • be willing to collect the names and mailing addresses of genuinely interested students and forward them to us for mailing. 

  • be willing to work on no more than ten students at a time for at least a year, after which we can consider larger quantities.

  • stay in contact with students to keep them moving on their studies.

  • verify that the work of the students is their own and not that of any others

  • assure us that no answers will be provided to students and no grading of the courses will be done

  • make sure that all answer sheet are returned in a timely fashion.

For further information, contact us.

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