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Would Your Church Be Interested

 in Becoming a Grading Center?

To qualify, your church must:

be committed to the Bible and the Reformational (sovereign grace) understanding of the Scriptures

be interested in taking on the responsibility of doing foreign missions right from your own church without sending people overseas

be willing to provide the personnel for training and the financial resources for sending Bible course materials and books overseas

be willing to take on the responsibility of taking at least 30 students through the process of graduating through the first Bible course

be willing to work in confidence with the principles, systems and procedures established by Reformation Christian Ministries Good News Bible Study over the last 25 years.

be located in North America, Australia, New Zealand or United Kingdom (other countries by approval only).

(Churches in Developing Countries click here.)

Can you imagine how many people of the world could be reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ if a number of families in your church could potentially be foreign missionaries without leaving home? That is what is possible through the "Reach the World" program. Families can set up their very own mission station right at the kitchen table.

Students are currently sending in requests to receive the time-tested Good News Bible Study Basic Course (This course uses the text of the King James Version Bible. The name "Good News Bible Study" has no connection with the Good News Bible.) They have either personally requested this course or been referred by others who have taken the course, perhaps even the pastor of their church or a church that has had contact with them. Your church will be reaching people from scores of countries with the Gospel of God's Sovereign Grace through the Lord Jesus Christ and all in the English language (though other languages could be used at some point if you they are known). Families from your church can be the direct means of bringing the Gospel to them. This foreign mission work can be accomplished at the pace and to the extent your church wishes.


(once your church decides to be a Grading Center)

  1. An officer or other trusted church member is selected to be responsible for Grading Center administration under church oversight.

  2. Laymen are recruited to serve as Student Study Supervisors (mailing, grading and follow-up).

  3. A minimum number of active Bible course students to be reached (30 or more) should be determined which the Grading Center commits to see through to completion or deletion. This number can always be increased.

  4. The average time (including mailing) for completion of this course is 10 months.

  5. The Grading Center Application should be studied, completed and returned.

  6. When you receive the materials, you begin to "Reach the World" from your own Grading Center!



We intend to provide educational courses to students interested in studying the Bible throughout the English-speaking world. Courses are designed to reach those who are literate and help them become more familiar with the Bible without compromising theological soundness.

As additional courses are written, they will be designed to build upon what has been learned in the previous study courses. Eventually, we intend to offer Bible college and seminary level courses to students who qualify, are interested and willing to make the necessary commitment. A decentralized Grading Center approach is foundational to accomplishing this task on a massive scale and aims at reformation of individuals, families, cultures and nations.  To see the current Good News Bible Study in PDF format, click here .



  1. To preach the Gospel of God's Sovereign Grace to people throughout the world through the medium of Bible course study.

  2. To enable the average church layman to vitally participate and so share both the responsibility and the blessings of reaching people with the Gospel.

  3. To reach, within two years, an average of 10,000 or more new students each year with the course. (i.e. 100 churches with 10 lay people each reaching 10 students per year.)

  4. To offer advanced level courses both to lay people and church leaders.

  5. To potentially even plant churches or assist existing churches to become more biblical in their teaching and practice.

  6. To offer degree programs to qualified individuals through Reformation International College and Theological Seminary.



  1. This Bible course aims at presenting the Gospel and is written from a biblical perspective consistent with "reformed theology." Consequently, we solicit the participation of churches which are in agreement with this theological position.

  2. Each Grading Center must commit to handling at least 30 active students per year and preferably involve at least five people in the Grading Center work.

  3. The Grading Center Application (contained in the Information Packet) must be completed and approved.



1. Create interest in the church and recruit lay people to become Student Study Supervisors (SSS).

2. Supply the necessary materials to SSS.

3. Train and administrate the work of the SSS.

4. Provide necessary encouragement and support to the SSS.

5. Pray regularly for those involved and especially the prayer requests of the students.

6. Involve other church members as pen pals to students who are interested.

7. Participate in support of HQ operations and activities as possible.

These represent some, but not all, of the instructions for Grading Centers.
These will give you a general idea of how the program works. Upon sending in the Grading Center Application, a password will be given you to get into Grading Center Operations page where all the forms and instructions are supplied for the entire operations of the Grading Center Program of the Good News Bible Study.


Flyer #1 [pdf]

This flyer is a sample of how a church might advertise the need for participation in the grading of Bible courses among the families in the church.

Flyer #2 [pdf]

The flyer is entitled "Kitchen Table Mission Stations" and is another idea for promoting the participation of the grading of Bible courses among the families in the church.

Instructions for an Individual Grading Family [pdf]

This is a set of instructions on what decisions an individual family participating in the grading of Bible courses and some of the decisions they need to make.

Student Processing Flow Chart [pdf]

This is a simple chart that explains the student processing work flow from the point of receiving a student name to the point of graduating them or deleting them.

Grading Center Start Up Process  [pdf]

This short manual explains how a Grading Center would be started in a church on a step by step process so as not to overwhelm anyone. This is particularly for the person or team responsible for setting up and running the actual Grading Center at the church level.

Grading Center Operations Manual [pdf]

This is the detailed instructions for the overal operation of the Grading Center. This is not intended to be read completely at one time, but to be used in conjunction with the Grading Center Start Up Process above and consulted at the various steps in the process. Many forms will be mentioned in here that are not available until a church has actually made application. Upon approval, then a password will be given to the Grading Center Operations section of this website below which will provide all the information for download that is needed to run a Good News Bible Study Grading Center.

Grading Center Application [pdf]

This is the application necessary to complete to begin the application process to become a Grading Center.

Approved Grading Center Section [pdf]

This section is under construction and will be available for approved Grading Centers and contain all of the forms, along with discussions on variations and ideas and announcements. Your Grading Center ID and a password for your Grading Center will needed to gain entry. (COMING SOON)


Send the following by e-mail to receive more information:

Church name
Mailing address
Denomination or affiliation
Contact Person
Telephone numbers


(Prices below include shipping.)


Information Packet: $9.99 (Cdn. $12.99)
This packet contains the following (all of which are available for free download above):

Complete Bible course (150 pages) preview copy

Before Start Up and Start Up sheets
(easy steps for starting a Grading Center)

Grading Center Operations Manual
(explains in detail how the program works)

Grading Center Application

Send $4.99 (Cdn. $6.99) for a complete Bible course preview copy only (150 pages).

In the U.S.: Make all checks out to Good News Bible Study.
In Canada: For faster response, send a U.S. dollar check to the address below. Otherwise, send a Canadian dollar check made out to Reformation Christian Ministries and send it to:

RR#1, 5060 Oliver Road
Murillo, ON P0T 2G0 Canada

Send to:

Good News Bible Study Ministries
International Administrative Headquarters
13950 - 122nd Street
Fellsmere, FL 32948-6411 U.S.A.

Telephone: (772) 571-8833 or 8030
Facsimile: (772) 571-8010

Thank you for helping spread the word.