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Website Purpose

This website seeks to encourage discussion on the topic of Scripture & Science (without respect to popularity or political correctness) to promote further thinking and study from a biblical perspective. The views expressed in the papers and responses are not necessarily those of Reformation International College (RIC) or any other ministry of Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM). We are simply providing a central location for presenting papers and responses to them on the various topics we choose to take up.  The information presented seeks to be consistent with with our academic objectives and a world and life view centered around the authority of God's word—the Bible.  Our position is that the Bible is the one and only Creator's handbook not only designed to give insight into His creation, but also to provide special revelation that shows us His eternal plan and reveals salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We presuppose there to be no conflict in this world created by God and the science which seeks to understand His creation.  Thus, in reality, there can be no true conflict between them.  In fact, as Professor Stott says in the introduction to his articles:

Science and Christianity have an intertwined history. Even atheist historians of science find themselves having to admit that it was only under the Christian worldview that one could expect nature to behave in a way that would make science a reasonable pursuit. In spite of the fact that some steps towards a beginning in science had been taken by other cultures, it was only in the Christian culture of Europe, and in particular that of Reformation Europe, that science came to fruition.

The great pioneers of science, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Euler, Maxwell, Faraday, Kelvin and many others professed Christianity and accepted the Bible as God's revelation to mankind. Many spent much time studying the Scriptures. Newton claimed the most important aspect of his work was in showing the greatness of God. Maxwell noted that his great pioneering work in field theory was inspired by the Scriptural revelation of the way God himself is and works.

But during the twentieth century science was taken over to a very large extent by secular humanists. Such a world-view actually has no rational basis for expecting science to succeed. Yet secular humanists have cultivated the idea that science is essentially an atheistic domain which is at loggerheads with Christianity.

It is from this perspective that the whole Scripture & Science discussion is entered on this website with the intent of challenging the status quo, not as an end in itself, but rather as an attempt to enlighten these subjects from the perspective of Scripture & Science, the latter always being subordinate to the former. 


Public Invitation

The public is invited to make any serious comment and/or critique of the presentations. Non-duplicative comments and disagreements of an intellectual and serious nature will be posted along with responses to any questions or concerns that might be posed. Facilitating discussion is an integral part of this website; therefore, appropriately-written disagreement is welcome along with responses to it. Papers or comments written in a polite, cordial and respectful manner pertinent and not overly redundant to that which already exists shall be posted with comments and responses in a progressive manner. (Please be patient in the sending of any requested posting.) Comments either pro or con or tangential to the topic will be considered for posting and due credit given where requested. In the ultimate, the authors wish to answer all the legitimate questions on the subjects and do so in such a way that these answers are available to others who come by later on in the discussions. So, the website intends to be continually upgrading to become more and more useful and effective as questions are answered. Over time, we would expect to rework some of the initial presentations and articles to include the answers to earlier questions and this process will continue on and on as long as we are able or until the questions effectively cease.

Below is a partial listing of the RIC overseeing committee.  Others participate on this committee on a less formal or public basis.

Rev. Geoff Donnan (Temporary Committee Chairman, Executive Director of RCM)

Mr. Philip Stott (Ph.D. Education candidate, former professor, Engineer, currently involved in a commercial venture designing, manufacturing and selling large tents, Bloemfontaine, South Africa)

Dr. John Byl (Ph.D. Astronomy, Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences, Trinity Western University, Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Dr. Chipley Bennett (Ph.D. Plant Physiology, Master Microbiology; Department Head, Science Department, Spartanburg Technical College, Spartanburg, SC, USA)

Mr. Martin G. Selbrede (Chief Scientist, Uni-Pixel Displays, Inc., Georgetown, TX, USA)



With respect to submissions for addition to any of the website discussions or articles should understand the following guidelines:

  • Those who wish to contribute to the formal discussion or comment on an article or discussion, may submit their comments in writing through the contact form below.

  • The RIC committee will then evaluate the comments and make a determination on the usefulness of the submission to furthering the educational purpose of this website. That committee will look out for the interests of the Lord and  RIC in making these decisions but this does not mean that someone who does not believe the same or disagrees with the positions taken will be eliminated, as we are interested in discussion.

  • This committee reserves the right not to publish the submissions or to publish only those portions that it deems pertinent to the discussion.

  • All contributors must be publicly named, though contact information will be at their discretion.

  • All submissions must come with a signed copy of Publication Approval Form and must not contain any copyrighted materials not owned by the one submitting except for duly footnoted sources and appropriate quotes therefrom. All submissions will contain the name of the submitter and any contact information he wishes to provide. RIC will not give out contact information of the provider without the permission of the submitter. As we proceed, there may be other legal requirements concerning which our attorneys may advise us.

Topics Overview: Go to Scripture & Science topic overview and selection


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