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Science in Perspective - Dr. John Byl

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Much of the perceived conflict between Scripture and Science is due to the erroneous belief that science has no need of any metaphysical or epistemological assumptions. It is widely believed that science is factual, rational and objective, whereas religion is mythical, irrational and subjective

We may prefer theories that are simple or beautiful but why should simple or beautiful theories be more likely to be true? Ultimately, we construct and choose theories that best reflect our basic beliefs, right or wrong, about the nature of the world.

In short, science is by no means worldview neutral. What is widely perceived as a conflict between science and religion is in actuality usually a clash between two opposing worldviews, generally naturalism versus theism.

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Science in Conflict - Professor Philip Stott

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There have been three main topics on which Scripture and Science have come into obvious and serious conflict. It is largely on the basis of these three areas that the idea that science implacably conflicts with Scripture have been deliberately cultivated. 

This generous series of essays takes up the subjects of general science, evolution, geocentrism, and ages of time from the perspective of a scientist was once an atheist and now is a Christian.

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Heart Science

For centuries, the heart has been considered the source of emotion, courage and wisdom.  Of course, a major question is how much of what is spoken of as related to the "heart" actually resides in the physical heart.  Furthermore, what relationship is there between the physical and non-physical or "spiritual" heart.  The Scriptures relate the source not only to the heart, but also mind and gut (bowels).  A great deal of scientific study is amassing especially as it relates to the physical heart, much of which is not taking the Scripture into consideration.  Some of it is seeking to delve into the spiritual realms viewing the spirit as a form of energy which can ultimately be measured.  To our knowledge, little exists in recent Christian that analyzes this developing "science" in relation to Scripture.  The goal of this topic is to attract articles that present a biblical perspective to these topics and seek to analyze the on-going scientific studies and findings in light of Scripture.   Submissions on the topic are welcomed.  At present, we have no primary spokesman for the topic and are trusting that the Lord will provide someone in His time.  In the meantime, some materials will begin being posted as they are deemed relevant to the topic.


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